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Portfolio : Remodel Jobs : Complete Overhaul

Front Before
Front Before Front After Rear Before Rear After
Rear Before 2 Rear After 2 North Side Before North Side After
Garage Before Garage After East Side Before Est Side After
Bathroom Before Bathroom After Bathroom After 2 Bathroom After 3
Hallway Before Hallway After Master Bedroom Before Master Bedroom After
Master Bedroom After 2 Master Bedroom After 3 Bedroom Changed to Closet Before Master Closet Before
Master Closet After Master Closet After 2 Livingroom Bay Window Inside Livingroom Bay Window Outside
Kitchen Bay Window Basement Familyroom Basement Familyroom 2 Original Layout of Main Floor
Remodel Layout of Main Floor      
 Complete Overhaul
Address: Rural Lansford
Lansford, ND 58750
This was a very extensive remodel, inside and out for this farm home in rural Lansford. Thsi home received a completely new exterior with Hayfeild windows, Thurma-Tru fiberglass doors, Craneboard insulated vinyl siding, Laminated shingles, and an aluminum soffit and faascia system. We also took out the front concrete step and replaced it with a wooden deck complete with a ramp. The inside also received a complete makeover with an expanded bathroom, and maste bedroom complete with a walk through master closet into the bathroom. The basement also received a major update with removal of dark paneling on the walls in favor of sheetrock and a new suspended ceiling with white grid instead of brown grid.

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